Monday, May 19, 2008

More birthdays

Just celebrated birthdays of 2 friends over this weekend...whew... Well, its not that i don't like birthdays actually, but having to gripe about what presents to buy and organising a happy event for everyone is not really my cup of tea. Nevertheless, these two birthday parties came out well and we had a great time together.

Priscilla's Birthday

This was one of the more interesting birthdays because some people came in Visual K fashion clothing and cosplays off the popular movie,manga & anime, DeathNote. Of course I, lacking even the most miniscule-st drop of fashion finesse, didn't take part in anything above the necessary decorum needed to participate in the event. Anyway, L's double looks almost like the real deal eh? haha..
The second celebration was for my pltmate, jaga. I was quite peeved at the turnout since only 3 of the original 20+ of us came for it. Probable reason was because they heard that their former plt sgt was going to be there too. (in the end, she couldn't make it too) Well, its really sad to know that most of the plt still harbour hard feelings towards our former sgt. They had a good reason to, anyway, since training under her during course-time was hellish to say the least. But, then again, to boycott a fellow friend's party because of her really disgusts me to the core. That aside, we dined at some arab restaurant, al majlis, which served akin-to-western food with ingredients we never heard of in our lives. It somehow tasted unbelieveably good and addictive......perhaps its because one of those strange names was arabic for opium or something... O_o you'll never know...haha..

Well ,for the update, Yes, Japan is confirmed. I'll be fully dependant on my sis, who can at least make out some jap words. We'll be going to hokkaido to find out what royal (holy?) cows make hokkaido butter so expensive & Mt Fuji to find ot why its such a wonderful suicide spot. (relax, i won't try to become a statistic) Hopefully, i can share some interesting pictures when i return. =)


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