Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Welcome to my score website.

Well, seeing that josh has linked this blog to his website, i decided to make this a full-time link to some of my sis and my arrangements. Like josh, i'm a anime music lover and i do play the piano as a hobby. btw, I'm not an avid score writer so do not expect fax machine speed updates like josh and the others.

As reiterated earlier in my previous posts, this was meant to be a private website. Almost all my scores were written off other people's arrangement for my own use actually, so pls pass all credit to them for it.

Anata ga ita mori - Tien
Battle of Rose - Spherion
Tomo e - Snomits
Sora wo Miagete - hell_xtremedawg
Start Line - Josh
Yuugao - Tien

Feel free to give me feedback, etc at caprifoliacae2@hotmail.com


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