Saturday, April 26, 2008

Belated birthdays

Ah... April's drawing to a close already! Time really seems to pass faster as you get older eh? haha... Anyway, following my 1 day belated streak, here's another 1 day belated happy birthday to Jialing! (And i really should wait till tmr to wish myself a happy birthday today too.) =)
Anyway, i'll prolly be going to Japan soon! yay! It'll be my first time there so i'm kinda curious on how the land of sumo is going to be. Nothing's finalised yet so i don't even know whether my family'll be going to Hokkaido or Honshu or even the Kyushu region and whether we'll be going on a tour or FNE. In any case, we're one up though, since my sis can finally read and speak some simple japanese. hee... (Finally the time to abuse her has come!!)
Code geass R2 has finally started! Not bad for an anime which has a subtle element of chess inside. So commenting as an ex-chess player. =) Btw, mid-years are coming... hopefully my tutee will pull through...sigh....


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