Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our acclaimed 3rd generation army

I guess it'll be better if i wrote the whole thing out instead of explaining to everyone.

Anyway, I started my day with 3 activities. Tuition from 10 - 11.30am, Take a bus to carnival, reach ard 12.30pm, leave for a friend's birthday Party at 5-6pm with my friend. circumstances stand, the only thing which wasn't interrupted was my tuition, which went really well. (esp since i had videos of exploding alkali metals to show!)

Well, after tutoring, i took a bus down to Aljunied and took a long mrt ride down college and started walking to AC. Just before i stepped into the school gate, a mobilisation call came. With my camp in Yishun, things were suddenly really inconvenient, since i thought that we were to report back within 2 hours from activation....and for nothing more than a scanning of my 11B. Time then....12.30pm
Not really sure what was going on, i called a friend who mentioned that we were to go back in full battle order (Full Field Pack, Webbing & Helmet in No.4 Uniform) and not merely in whatever civilian attire we were in for scanning purposes. The purpose of the trip back wasn't made known too (but with the requirement of so many items, you'd think it'll be an exercise of some magnitude and time right??) That meant that i had to make a trip home (In Ang Mo Kio) then to camp in 2 hours! And i was stuck in Buona Vista, right outside the school gates. To add to that, i hadn't even packed my field pack yet.

Faced with such an impossibility, i called my mum, who so graciously offered to drive me home and to camp. Halfway on the journey home, i received news that the time given had been set to 8 hours from activation which meant tt i could go for the carnival and still make it back in time for the exercise........ (if that doesn't spoil your day, i dunno what would.)
After spending a great deal of time packing throughout the afternoon & apologising for not being able to go for my friend's bday, i finally received the last irritating piece of news from a unit that cannot forthrightly tell its NSmen what they require us to do...that this "exercise" was mainly a simple field pack check which lasts approx.......10 mins.

Disregarding the rest, I'm sure you all could tell that something like this would not have happened if i had been told exactly what was going on or had a mobilisation brief beforehand (which of course i never did) which explained about the different calls on 2 hour and 8 hour reporting and the attire involved. If this nonsense is the result of our acclaimed 3rd generation army, i'd rather live in a safer, more reliable place.


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