Friday, March 14, 2008

Pictures taken during 1 week break

These are some of the pictures i took at the places i went to last week. These were taken of Tony Roma's at the Suntec City Outlet. I liked the salad, though it can be really expensive for a salad!

           Santa Fe Salad                              Mixed Rib Platter

I also saw some weird things at Raffles City like this shoe with satin backing! ha! The royal purple satin juxtaposed with the trendy sports shoe makes the whole thing even more comical. ha!

    Shoes for Kings!! No less!

Saw this on a bookshop in Plaza Sing.... what are you waiting for? Go buy....

The ACS Story in a bookshop
A MUST for all ACSians eh?

Recently, my dad took the opportunity to tidy up the backyard (with my help of course!) ha! That effectively turned my house into a semi-jungle environment, as we stacked shoot after shoot of galangal for disposal. I skived off for awhile to take pictures of my dad and grandma and of course....the mess we made!

                        House that turned into a jungle

My grandmother went to steam this coconut filling kueh in the morning and totally forgot about it after answering a phone call. Smelling something like a BBQ, i went to the kitchen and opened the pot to find...... Steam-Fried Kueh!!

              Normal Kueh                             Steam Fried Kueh
                    (Before)                                          (After)

Oh lastly....A belated 21st happy birthday to Bryan. Thanks for inviting me and do keep in touch!

         Bryan's Birthday


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