Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Day of the CoW

After that depressing post to answer questions regarding my absence during fun-o-rama, here's another more interesting one to explain the aftermath of THE FUNFAIR COW.

As most of you already know, the alumni chipped in to purchase a calf which they enaged a professional chef to roast from 12am to ard 10 am on funfair day. Most of the beef sold well however some semi-cooked portions weren't sold (for obvious reasons) Now....ever wondered how they finally disposed the remainder of the cow?

Just imagined the terror i got from the silhouette of someone carrying a huge black rubbish bag, walking through the gate of my house at night. ha! Other images like one of me stuffing the bag full (of beef actually) into the fridge kinda reminds some of cheesy horror flicks where mutilated body parts are wrapped in those same bags and stored in fridges for future use or disposal!

Well, the shock i got wasn't really far off from imagination when i realised that my dad had brought back 1 month's supply of beef....together with a plethora of other goodies from the funfair. haha.... In order to store our prize, I ended up doing to the poor remains of cow what most 5 year old brothers love doing to their sister's barbie dolls....dismember it! ^.^
In this lesson about butchery, the first thing i learnt was that cow bones are impervious to knives. (As a true scientist, i tested this hypothesis by chipping my cleaver along a length of bone to ensure that this fact was TRULY a fact... believe me... no need to try for yourself) Anyway, to get about it, i had to tediously saw my already chipped knife along the tendons and cartilage of the cow till the meat separated and then rip the bones apart using brute strengh. It was a messy and slippery job..... Now you know why your local butcher's so muscular!!

Well, with that done, i'll prolly have to find a fast way to dispose of it before the maggot-god comes.... haha... Sigh... Sometimes i think too much isn't really a good thing after all.. ha!
Putting this bovine disaster aside, the jackfruit tree in front of my house has started to fruit! yay! Just looking at the picture makes me happy. haha! It isn't ripe it though. According to my grandma, even though it has already reached momumental proportions, it'll be at least a full month before it becomes ripe enough to eat! Meanwhile, she told me to stand guard for potential jackfruit thieves! ha! The last part was weird but jackfruit theft had happened before...... =( I hope they'll leave at least one for me this time... Anyway, here's a happy picture of the humongous fruit...

Lastly, did you all notice seatbelts on the new buses?? Cool ya? That's prolly something put in place after someone complained about (and demanded compensation) after getting hurt on the bus. Sigh... to my thinking its to be another useless white horse feature that people won't use anyway. Just that this time, they won't be able to sue the bus company for such injuries while in that seat! ha!


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