Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuition among other things

Started doing tuition today. It wasn't a really good start with me confusing the student more than anything else but i guess i can slowly clear thigns up again as time goes by. Sigh... Anyway, that also meant that i've got a new job too! ha! I guess this is way better than slugging off as a clerk and the experience isn't too bad either... i mean, where else can you study (or get forced to study) and earn money at the same time? =) Still... i better buck up in my organisation otherwise i'll prolly get kicked out of the job. heh..
I started adding a recipe section on the blog. Basically, this will prolly grow to become a recipe list of all the dishes i wanna learn to do by myself if i keep up at updating it regularly enough.
My sis will be playing for some wedding thingy at the start of next month. Hopefully it'll be a great success. =) She tied up with Matthew from my NS plt and some other nameless girl from planet earth to prepare over 20+ songs for the event. Its not really worth learning so many songs for the occasion right? But anyway.... its a service to the wedded anyway. Guess they had no choice. =p Somehow, i don't feel my ambitions with the piano reaching into performance yet. This could prolly give one more reason in my favour. heh!


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