Friday, February 29, 2008


yay! I finally finished the arrangement. Dunno what possessed me to sit down at my piano and really concentrate on the song. (Usually i'll rather meditate in front of the PPSII) Anyway, Yuugao, or "moonflower" in English, is completed. This was used as the character song for "Yakumo" in the School Rumble anime. Many thanks to Tien T. Nyugen and i should say that i used his arrangements as a primer for quite a number of my arrangemnts thus far. I also changed the bgm again because.......its about time i change the bgm already.
I actually pasted this in the class blog but i guess here's an open invitation to those interested, scone or otherwise (i'm just randomly recruiting thus just support!)....

Regarding this year's ACJC funfair, Mdm Rahimah said that a company was willing to sponsor some cakes and other cafe stuff for the funfair. All they need are people to run it so basically, if you're free on that day, YOU'RE OBLIGED TO HELP AS PART OF SCONE '05.

Currently, she's opening this opportunity to the new J1s but if no one wants it by this Wed, we can actually take it as a stall for Scone '05. It may be kinda nasty but lets hope no J1 goes for it! (They'll have to fork out $400 for it btw..) Its free for us, so relax...

We may need to fork out some money (or find a sponsor! ^.^) to buy some drinks for the cafe but other than that, the rest of the things should be all prepared/sponsored.
Interested/Free people please let me know. This cafe will depend on all your support!

I haven't readied my recipe.... i got the tiramisu data already but... i haven't arranged it >.< Guess i'll do it tmr then.... .For now...songs..songs...songs!


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