Saturday, February 09, 2008

K, with all the festivities over, its time to blog again! I didn't really take lotsa pictures this year. Guess I kinda got scared of taking after witnessing a guiness world record for most number of photos kept by one household, in my house. My sis did take a few though (despite my futile attempts to stop her), and ended up with a few good pics like this..

Anyway, to those inebriated drunkards still gallivanting out there.... 恭喜發財 to you and HELLO! time to sober up and get to work again!!
Just for updates, Joo Kiang flew off recently and Ker Wei's going off after this coming week. Scone Multi Generation Gathering is today so by the time you read this, you'd have missed it already. =) I went to sent JK off together with KK and Chunny. It was quite a small sendoff party but i was glad that the warmth from old friendships was there when he went. Here's a nice photo of us (childishly) posing together...

Hope that you all got your fair share of hongbaos! I guess this is goodbye to the season of oranges, zealous "rat-lion" dancers & GM potted plants. Till next year do we once again start buying too much for CNY only to eat all that junk food throughout the year! Now that's one very Happy Chinese New Year eh?!


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