Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belated Valentines' Day

I'm lagging on my entries again! ahh! So much for getting free time to blog! Anyway, I took mel's address down because she changed her blog to a private blog site. Others like the 2a1 time capsule one are dead and no longer running so that's off too. Added some others (with or without permission.. heh..) like yunxin's blog, which is quite dead too. Also added tien's piano version of yuugao (moonflower) from school rumble onto my sucky bgm player. I'm currently trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to rearrange it to a nicer version. I've been told to change the player to something else since it doesn't work on mozzie but haven't gotten down to it.
Went to my cousin's place to swim today, which was my first time after the dip in BMT. Well, after not having swam for so long, i ended up having to relearn lotsa basics again. The one which i still couldn't get the coordination right again is the Breaststroke. Totally ridiculous how people can swim it into a trance-like state while i strggle at it like a hamster on a diet. bah.. Not going to worry too much about it though...besides, i gave up halfway and decided to leisurely tread water, sitting on floats. =p
Oh, almost forgot... here's a Belated Happy Valentines' Day to all you lovebirds out there!
And Speaking of Birds, a bird decided to build a nest on the string for our kitchen blinds. My sis took a good pic of this and it s on her blog at if you wanna see it. Quite a stupid bird actually, since it only discovered that the nest it was building was in full view from our kitchen window, after it had laid eggs there. Luckily we only eat chicken eggs for breakfast. heh...


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