Monday, February 18, 2008

500% profit lamination

Yay! Got dow nto blogging again! That means that either i got bored of playing PS II or I got bored of something else. But anyway... went to check out the prices of laminating an A4 sheet of paper and woohoo.. .you wouldn't believe the price! Its a hefty $2 a sheet (Plus, i saw the words "no gurantee for good lamination" on the store-front) ha! That's really expensive for something that some of you NS skivers would have been able to do for free while you all were still under the Service. I really don't know why it is so expensive! I checked out from my mum's technician that the selling price of a box of 100 laminating sheets was like... $35. That works out to only about 35cents a sheet. Besides the laminator, all that's needed is just the brainless paper arrangement that even skill-less idiots like me can do. Talk about making profits Pueh! Of course...the issue is because i don't have a laminator in the first place! Hmm... anyone eve tried using an iron to do laminate instead? Wonder how it'll turn out but according to theory, it should be ok, right?? Anyway, if it works, do tell me! heh.. =D
My lunch at Jack's Place did little to put me in a better mood. Food was o..k... but the steak that I ordered came with fries instead of a jacket potato. I miss that surve potato! =( The previous time i ate at Whatshisname Place, I got an incomplete potato too because they ran out of the bacon topping. bleh...
I'm supposed to do some reading up this week but so far, its slow progress... sigh... How doe one study again after 2 years of rotting?!? >.< I need some motivation......boohoohoo...


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