Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

Happy New Year to all my blog readers! Its the year of the Olympics again...well.. and also for the ACJC fun-o-rama. I guess asking people to buy tickets here will prolly scare off the rest of my already scarce number of blog readers so... just hope to see you there. =D
Even though its still about a month away, I'm really looking forward to this year's CNY. Its going to be held on a Thursday and Friday, which means a full 4 day holiday for the occasion. Thinking about that also means that i'll have to finally stow away the christmas tree that i so painstakingly put out early november. =( Festive seasons pass too fast!
Oh btw, how many presents did you all get this year? I got 3, which was quite reasonable considering how i give off a bad aura about receiving unwanted gifts. ha! I got a good surprise when i even got a card from Soon Hoe!
Well, that aside, do you realise that the number of gifts (physically) decrease the older you get and that the number of online christmas cards and smses increase? heh! Weird... =/
Anyway, here's to a good year ahead! Cheers! =)


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