Sunday, January 06, 2008

Updates + Hamster News

With the advent of Finale Notepad 8, I'm now able to churn out the midis for my arrangements. =) Regrettably, Josh song score website is down and there seems to be no fast way to recovery as of now... I'm getting my songs from ichigos currently but there is a noticeable drop in standard. Guess it can't be helped.... Other changes to the blog, i changed the finale link to the notepad page itself. I also changed the bg music again. Just minor thigns lah.
Oh... The hamster that i got was from ACJC. I know there are many people in shock as to why ACJC had hamsters in the first place so to set things straight, here's the story... A teacher initially brought 3 hamsters to school to give away. The recipient was to collect the following day so he kept them in a cardboard photocopy paper box under his desk in the staff room overnight. However, 2 of the smart little critters dug a hole through the cardboard and fled into the dark, mysterious niches of the staff room, leaving only one super dumb hamster for collection the following day. From then one, days were filled with hamsters running the gaunlet through the echelons of bewildered teachers only to disappear into another peaceful sanctuary elsewhere in the staff room. Deciding that this has got to stop, Mr. Hamster Bringer brought a rat cage and managed to catch one of the renegade rodents, which is actually the dumb-dumb hamster living with me now. As for the other fast-and-furry.... Its been almost a month, however, no news was heard from the smart fugitive....
Yup, so that's how i got it. The hamster recipient didn't want the hamster anymore, fearing a "post-hamster-war" baby boom, so i ended up with it. hmm... i think i got a rough picture of it so i guess i'll post it up here....

And if you, for some reason, see the renegade hamster, don't forget to call for H.E.L.P!!! haha....

*This is actually a fire hose reel in Ghim Moh Hawker Centre* So Cool Right??


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