Friday, January 11, 2008

On passing away....

My only living grandfather just died around noon today.

Despite knowing that he had terminal prostate cancer a few years ago, he bravely fought on to live life as fully as he could, setting goals at dates way past what doctors said he had left. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is usually found in normal men in quantities of below 4ng/mL. At around 100ng/mL, the patient is usually close to death. My grandfather endured through with 400ng/mL at the start of 2007. It was only till late October that he starting showing more signs of lethargy though he still made the effort to shop for his favourite sea harms at a naerby Tekka market. Even at a chalet birthday celebration in december where he fell down and injured himself, he cheekily jingled about “falling and receiving 3 cuts” into the birthday song.
His condition took for the worse immediately after the chalet. He had to be hospitalised for multiple fractures due to the fall, and he needed a blood transfusion because of possible internal bleeding. To allay our worries though, he declared, in that bold, loud teochew voice of his, that he was ok and not afraid of death. He proudly showed us that death is but a natural course of life and that we too, should not be afraid in life just because death is approaching.
As if antagonistic to his dire condition, my grandfather defied the natural tolerance of his own body. For even when doctors predicted that he had a maximum of 2 days left to live on Tuesday, he endured and challenged that statement by not letting go till today. My grandfather was a true fighter to the end. The attitidue he displayed, lying in his deathbed, “kiaw kah”ing and just treating the hospital stay as a normal visit despite him being so broken, is undoubtably heart-warming and touching.
Its a hard fact to accept that that jovial, carefree man whom i call my grandfather isn't there for me anymore. But one thing's for sure.... I was glad to have had him as my grandpa. Farewell grandpa.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wake at Blk 105 Towner Road,
Near Boon Keng Mrt Station.
Friends, do inform me if you're going, it's at my uncle's place.


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