Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This is a little late but.... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! =) I've been wanting to write a new entry for awhile now, but i didn't get down to it till now. (obviously..) didn't really do much for Christmas, partially because my grandpa isn't too well. I did take part in those traditional gift exchanges in AC though. ha! Not too bad for my first Christmas after the solitude of NS.
Anyway, Josh's Anime Website is gone!!! =( No more new songs... =( I guess its about time i switched genres for music again. Anime songs are.... well.... sometimes J-Pop songs are annoying. (can't understand them too) I've a song writer to recommended though. Just like how Nobuo Uematsu was the trump of the Final Fantasy series, Yuki Kajiura is like one of the Queens in Anime music. You can try searching for some songs in genduo but she does mainly bgm, i think...
Oh, I tried cooking today too! (after a long hiatus) It wasn't really so much of a want as a need, since it was partially because our store-bought salad was beginning to rot in the fridge, that i starting cooking. Anyway, I tried making Honey-Mustard dressing for it, which consisted of mainly Mayo. ha! It wasn't too hard, following a recipe from the net. All that was needed was Mayo, Honey, Mustard and vinegar. Of course, i ingeniously grinded some actual mustard seeds in to give it a more lustrious and peppery look. =) Overall, it wasn't bad at all!! Even with bad Vege!!
Well, more on cooking, I was thinking about how expensive popcorn chicken was. Its currently sold at some $3 for 10-15 soggy pieces. It works out to about 25-30 cents each, which is a big nono for leftover chicken meat. overcome this, i used (by necessity again, because our chicken had been in the fridge for 1/2 a week now) some leftover chicken meat. I diced it, dipped it in a batter of 1/3 wheat flour + 2/3 rice flour (and a wisp of salt/baking powder), and fried it. To my surprise, the outcome is really not unlike the popcorn chicken that's being sold, except that this one is actually cripsy! ha! It'll be better to add a bit of soy sauce to the leftover meat but anyway, it wasn't so bad either. ha! =)


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