Sunday, December 09, 2007

HK Trip.

Sorry, i was caught up with something so the pictures came on first! (Hopefully no one noticed the error) Anyway, as to what i said about the dried apricots, its WRONG. I went to HK and finally realised tha they were dried persimmons!! haha! Here's what they look like.... Not a bad description eh??

Nevertheless, it still doesn't look very edible to me. ha! Things really look different when they're dried.... or waxed, for that matter. These waxed geese still had their head on them and for some reason, (if you look closely) their necks are all black, wrinkled and motifying. Its no wonder local stores sell headless geese!

Well, as to more Hong Kong culture, I realised that they are not shy about advertising for usually taboo subjects here. Here are some photos i took of that. There were more advertising for hourly hotels, sex shops (with women standing next to the advert!) and even one of the haemorrhoid clinic on a public bus! ha! (Gosh...who advertises for haemorrhoids so openly??) O_o

Maybe i should have put this picture together with those up there. This picture of this petrified-looking fish was taken outside a seafood restaurant in HK. The poor thing looks as if it went through hours of agonising torture and was finally laid to rest in this eatery's fish tank! I really wonder why it has puffy cheeks when it isn't a puffer fish. (you'll expect bruises on them if you followed my theory eh?) My parents said it was a grouper but i doubt its anything close to being salubriously edible, it being so sickly looking itself! =/

Talking about inedibles... Ever eaten a RED banana?? Well, along with a panoply of other exquisite cuisines, These Morodo bananas give you just that! Its kinda fitting for it to be sold at a supermarket whose motto is "More than food" isn't it? haha.

I guess those of you who watched "Zhen Qing" should recognise the next photo. Yup! Its the famous Bolo Bun or Pineapple-Crust Bun! Its nice to eat on the go & ridiculously simple to make too! Its just regular dough to form the bun and the crispy crust is made up of butter, sugar and flour. Looks delicious eh? =) No wonder they ate it so often in the show!

The Hong Kong Char Siew and other roasted meats are more notable but their traditional Dim Sums are also worth a mention, especially when they contain char siew too! =) Mostly any dim sum restaurant should give you good chee cheong fun w char siew. (its one of my fav dim sum dishes so far) But for a more traditional dim sum eating, there's this place where the waiters hawk their items, not in carts, but in metal trays with slings. Here's a sneak-shot i took.

Ever seen a pissing prawn? *ahem* Not literally, but this one was called that in Mandarin and Cantonese... The more modest English name for it is Squilla.

Overall, there was quite alot of advertising for the Beijing Olympics and the place was much cleaner than i expected. They really did a good job of cleaning up the area quite abit! Near the city area, you'll find almost no litter (leaves included) and their parks all carry signs like these.... (crazily restrictive)

The suburbs are a different matter though, but i guess it'll improve soon. This was taken in Yun Long, one of the New Territorial areas. The rubbish was Actually on the road!

That more or less sums up my trip to Hong Kong. There were other things like giant Buddhas and Guan Ying Mas lying around but i couldn't get them in my miniature camera. Then again, I guess there's no need for that either way since they're so big i reckon if you'd just squint off the horizon, you'll see a wee bit of them already! =)


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