Thursday, November 01, 2007

Website updates

Uploaded another arrangement, "Start Line" from C.O.A.C.H. It was used as the opening song for the anime Suzuka. This is still the first draft and as usual, i rearranged the whole thing from josh's one on his website.. ha! I guess i should start putting a link there from here. I redid Anata Ga ita Mori's intro abit too. Also added the finale version of the files up with a link to the finale notepad website if u guys want to listen to the arrangements. I can't do them into midi unless i convert them to sibellus 3 files, which i have but am too lazy to use. (finale is more brainless...ha!)
i realised tt i've quite alot of uncompleted songs in my folder too. Looking at them, i really wonder how Mozart and his other great-composer lackeys accomplish dunno what 600+ songs in their lifetime.....and they don't live very long. >.< Its almost impossible to come up with so many different accompaniments for the melodies!!
Anyway, started playing utopia again. I think it'll feel like the stock market...slow growth unless u take risks. And even if u don't take risks, u stand to lose ur investment from enternal factors. bah... i think too much..... Well, enjoy the pieces. =) Go check out how lousy the originals sound at josh's website! haha...Then u'll understand why i rearranged those pieces.


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