Monday, September 24, 2007

VivoCity and K3

Updated the Malaysia 07 article by putting a singpore "no eating or drinking" pic next to the malaysian one for reference. Interestingly enough, there's a stick of chewing gum featured on the Singapore sign! ha!

Anyway, Went to VivoCity today to meet up with some old friends and celebrate 2 ppl's birthdays. Watched Chuck and Larry too. Its a nice comedy with lots of taboo issues regarding homosexual relationships highlighted. Didn't really understand why they wanted to go through such trouble just for some money and for getting Chuck committed to look after Larry's children.... Guess shows are really just shows sometimes. lol.
Besides the show, we also went up to the rooftop with all the rain-water pools and that's where we saw this interesting sign.... =)

Well, it wasn't really about buttocks (actually referred to disposal of cigarette butts) but i found it quite funny when taken like the way i did. ha! To think that S'pore discriminates ppl by butts! ha! so misleading...
I'll be flying off to Australia this coming tuesday. Flight is SQ 269 to Adelaide, i'll be on SQ 268 back on 10th Oct. Try not to msg me there unless its urgent. ha! I'd hate to be disturbed.... =D In any case, see u folks!! bye!


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