Thursday, September 06, 2007

Malaysia 2007

These are some of the pictures i took over at malaysia during my trip there. Went there for 4 days from the 1st of the month to the 4th. =) Not going to yak much as usual and instead, let the pictures do the talking. ha!

This one's about some pledge to customers from a supermarket store. I really think Singapore supermarts should have something like this too, ya?? haha..

After a whole day of shopping, what better way is there to relax than to sit at one of these booths and sink your legs into Osim merchandise? This is of my mum btw (she's obviously not one of the scarfed women!) duh..

Oh...ok. I took this because S'pore's version of the "NO EATING/DRINKING" sign had a burger and soft drink. This Malaysian version has what....soft drink, lollipop and even err.. kachang puteh?!? ha! Took this one in their train. Oh, more on their mrts, well...u know that s'pore has those barricades where u tap your EZ-Link? Surprise is, Malaysia has them open most of the time! They only close when the system detects that u try to cross w/o sliding your fare-card in first. Quite cool right?? hmm...prolly S'pore could come up with that in future...

Here is the Singapore version..... Notice the No chewing gum pic! So cool! Heard its because S'pore bans import of the gum but not the consumption of it! ha!

Now..... why would there be a giant chair on top of a building in the middle of nowhere?? O_o Weird....

Manhatten Fish Market: The best place to show off poor talent in advertising food.... Man!! I dunno what to say about these.... haha...

Again on lousy standards!! kk... I deliberately blanko-ed out the actual price of the dodol so that u folks can play at guessing the actual price! =) Good Luck. For Answers: Its the root of RM38.3161. hee...

Nothing much on this one... it Obviously wrong..... Cauliflower chillies and Beet Root corn-on-a-cob. *snigger...*

Yay!! Happy Medeka (independance) Day Malaysia!! =) I never knew that Malaysia had their national day so close to Singapore's day. For those non-Malaysians, Malaysia celebrates theirs on the 31st Augest. As a patriotic move, like in S'pore, citizens would hang up Malaysia Flags around....however....this pic shows what is just considered excessive patriotism!!!

Well, glad that my hols were quite interesting this time round. ha! Come to think of it, This trip was my first one overseas since i enlisted early last year. How fast time flies! Sigh... soon i'll have to content with studying again. no more sai-kang and tuanging liao!! haha!! 60 days,9 weeks to go!! =)


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