Saturday, August 11, 2007

NDP Part 2

I decided to post up more pics because i simply dunno what else to write! ha! Anyway, all these were taken during the last 2 sessions of ndp. Lotsa nostalgic memories with even a graffitied cardboard promoting NDP and Kujarra III, which is my unit's upcoming live-firing exercise! haha!! Pictures speak best for themselves so just browse through.... =p

The Cardboard thing! haha! It was wedged on top of a NEWater bottle! ha! So Patriotic!

Oh... forgot to mention but the previous Saturday was the actual competition date of the WCG! They occupied an entire lvl of exhibition space with tons of coms and people who came cosplaying as their favourite game and naime game characters! Here's one of a World of Warcraft (WoW) Night Elf. She didn't really move around much throughout the 1-1.1/2hrs i was there. I guess twas becuase her pointy ears and huge bow were abit too fragile for the crowd there. ha! I wonder how often would night elves break their delicate bows and bruise their larger-than-life ears if they were real!! =X ha! *evil thoughts*

Arab videoman! Kinda reminds me of this other one...

This is of inuyasha (from the anime inuyasha...duh) at a different cosplay festival. Also taking video! ha! So cool!

Last one... this funny,fuzzy-looking thing was actually a mike! wow!! Never knew they had those kinda weird equipment for NDP! =)
Recently went for another scone my no.4! ha! Too bad i didn't have a choice because they made us come in that for NDP..WHICH BEGS TEH QUESTION!! Why couldn't we come in red shirts and jeans like all the other helpers! stupid organisers...bah... yeah, i'm sure they have their reasons all prepared & sweet-talks well-rehersed.... Ah well, shouldn't be bothered about petty issues anymore.... 3 months! ha!


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