Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bottle Tree Park

Today, i'll be talking about the Bottle Tree Park! Went there earlier today with my family. Its located somewhere near serangoon, tucked away into an ulu side-road. Apparently, they still hung the singapore flag at their entrance despite the fact that almost no-one will see it. ha!

Anyway, the place is more like a fishing cum vegetable farm. Its kinda like divided into two with the plants near the entrance (prolly in a bid to make the place look like a flora paradise) and the ponds near the rear. I guess another reason why they had the fishies at the back was because a good many of our aqua-folk died and stayed floating on the water trying to escape cruel, hyperactive children fishers. They were so evil....tottering around in the water gleefully,scaring the wits out of those poor fishies. ha! Didn't want to spoilt ur image of the park so i took one of the adult fishing ponds instead.

Ah...on to the plants....The reason why the place was called such was because of these weird trees with bloated trunks.

Its weird but what makes them so amazing is that they appear to have almost no leaves when young! ha! They grow like bamboo shoots without the shoots! heh... =p The place specialised in other fire-hardy crops too like palm. (there were tags on it which said that it was a protected species of plant!) The park shipped it in from Queensland which was really quite cool because i didn't know these palms grew there! ha! You'd only expect such things from Malaysia ya? Anyway, the canopy formed really made for a good photo shoot for my mum and dad... aww.... so sweet! ha! Really liked this photo...

ha! Well...more on my dad... he was really quite funny, cracking jokes with a straight face. Think he almost sounded like goei! haha! Anyway, here are 2 corny ones.

On seeing a small snail on a palm tree,
dad:"Oh! They even ship in the Queensland Snails!"

On seeing a caucasian man with a boy,
dad:"Hey! There are even caucasian here...or wait...maybe he's albino because his son is dark-skinned!"

ha! to end this off... here's one of me looking lost! lol!!


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