Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blog Song/Score Update

Just updated the score section of the blog. Made some changes to both "Anata Ga Ita Mori" & "Sora ga Miagete" with help from my sis! =D Came up with a new arrangement for "Battle of Rose" from the anime Rozen Maiden. Currently only a score for 2 pianos was out on Ichigos. Dunn oif there are other sources but anyway, its awaiting editing/vetting from my sis so it might still sound a little funny. ha! (If anyone wants to hear it, i'll send the Finale file over. =p)
There's also a new soundtrack, "The Light Before We Land". It has a dark "World of Midnight". I like the intro though.. ha!
Currently, i'm working on another arrangement, "Tonari no Totoro", bettter known as My Neighbour Totoro from Ghibli. The original piano collection is damn nice. Its written by Joe Higarishi or something. Here's a video of someone playing the song
The playing style (classy) reminds me of the type used in the "Loss of Me" piano collection piece. U can listen to it at the soundtrack section of the blog. =) Yup, that's all in this update.


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