Monday, July 16, 2007

New Arrangement

Just finished watching another anime series, Full Moon wo Sagashite. Its basically a sob story about this singer who has throat cancer. The story ties up much of the plot and background nicely but what brought the show to success was prolly more of the music! ha! It has many many sentimental and emo pieces and thankfully.....josh's score website hosts a few of them. =) As usual, i didn't really like some of the arrangements and decided to rearrange some myself. Still working on a few but for now, Sora wo Miagete is out. I wrote a shorter version from the original from hell_xtremedawg and i didn't edit the right hand at all. Still can't really get the chords on some parts but i guess it'll do. I'll post up newer edits if i make any in future. Piano enthusiasts, feel free to d/l and play.
Watched harry potter ytd together with nich, goei, marc, ze lin and tatt. Haven't met some of them for ages so it felt great to finally find some time to get together and chat like old times again. The show wasn't as great as i expected but it was still as breath-taking as the previous 4 during the fighting scenes. One thing i found quite frustrating was the use of characters around harry who like....have totally no part to play in the story. Take ginny for example. Always there but no lines... kinda sad, don't u think? Luna's becoming a favourite. Watch to know why. =) ok, that's about all for this week. I'm involved in NDP, which prolly means no more free Sats till National day! sob!


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