Sunday, July 22, 2007


So far, i've been faithfully going for NDP rehersals every Saturday without actually blogging much about it. Well, here's a blog that's dedicated specially about NDP. =) To best illustrate how this year's NDP is going at its new location in Marina Bay, here are a plethora of high quality pictures that i took over the last 3-4 sessions i attended. Enjoy!

Primus, an artillery tank

I took this just before having to stand at attention for the National Anthem!!

This is the vehicle i'm supposed to push if it breaks down.... -_-" Corny job but "essential" (for NDP, at least)

The red sea of the NDP audience. They're noisy!!

I think they were focusing on the display panel. I took it because it looked cool with the Ferris Wheel (S'pore Flyer) in the background.

The F-16 Salute after the National Anthem. I was abit slow even though my camera was already on and ready at my side.... -_-" F16s are just too fast! *Reflects on my SQN's 37 year old AA guns*

The mass contigent make-up of the NDP. Looks cool on TV but on closer inspection, one can see lotsa fidgeting... (especialy from the Air Force, i was told... haha)

This was purely a lucky accident!! And i will swear off any Photoshop edits to make the Commando unit stand out ok! Besides, i wouldn't know how to use it to that extent. ha! Quite cool eh?? =)

Ok...i got a little naughty and decided to take a sneak-shot at these bridesmaid performers. The thing about NDP is that for their performances, the costumes used are always so skeletal. Worse, the designs are a pathetic attempt at the futuristic with lotsa vibrant, mismatched colours that make u wonder why such a tender at the performance went through in the first place. ha! Dunno how many of u agree with me but critics just have to take a closer look at the framework-outside-the-material skirts of the bridesmaid performers to understand what i mean.... kinda frustrating to see resources so badly spent!
Anyway, after NDP ytd, i lost my wallet on the way home!! =( I told my dad and we spent over an hour searching for it from bus depot to depot until a kind soul called and said that her father found my wallet at the bus stop where i boarded my bus home. I really thanked God for such honest people and collected my wallet back. I guess that was truly a lesson i'd remember from now on. Always check that my valuables are with me when i'm going from point to point. yup... If one good thing happened from the incident, it'll prolly be that after the ordeal, i managed to get the girl's hp no. ha! =) Now....being happy about that doesn't really sound like me ya??? HMMM..... MUAHAHAHA!!!


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