Sunday, June 24, 2007

This Past Week

Got sick again!! Just caught a minor cough but its been ruining my appetite, which is bad since i like to eat. bah... Its prolly all because of the hectic schedule in camp over the past week. We had a driclad to touch-up, a BBQ to plan and carry out and some K3 training to do. Well, its partially due to live firing, but somehow i feel that the tempo in camp seemed to have picked up over the months rather than tone down despite having only what?? 5 months left in NS life. Come to think of it... .next week ain't going to be better with more mock up training and preparation for a week-long exercise the week-after. =( Can't wait for these few months to pass and my wishing good riddance to NS. ha!
Oh, forgot to say, Victor just went to BMT about a week and a half ago. Hope he'll eb fine, especially with all the dengue alert and all. Speaking of dengue, its getting ridiculous but people in camp have been making suggestions that we walk around in long no.4 everywhere we go. I mean, firstly, the camp is not a declared hot-spot and secondly, people out there like your regular singlet-sandals uncle don't get bitten even though they wear minimum clothing! Don't they know is so damn bloody hot in long no.4? bah... Hope they don't implement and enforce such things...
Oh lastly, heard ACS (BR) is having a carnival again this year. Its to be held this Saturday, 30th June. Should be the whole day from 9am to 6pm again. I'm thinking of going so do tell me if you're deciding to go too. Alright, that's all i guess....


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