Saturday, June 30, 2007

POSB disaster!

Today after the funfair, i decided to go to an ATM booth to deposit some money. (The funfair didn't really have much worth spending on) ha! Anyway, i just wanted to try out how to deposit money. Never done it before, you see.... Well, all went well until the machine went "kuku" and gave me an "error in transaction" notice. The darn thing proceeded to return me my card and kept the change, which was my precious deposit! =( No receipt came out and i was left stranded there with a queue behind my back. haha.. I did what any sane person who just got robbed in broad daylight do. I Panicked! I started calling my dad for help and at the same time tried to look for things to copy that might aid me. The instinct to kick the machine and pry the deposit slot open was rather overwhelming i would say, but luckily i was still compos-mentis enough to do things calmly. All in all, i felt like a fool, holding a phone and scrutinizing the stingy machine amidst holding up a crowd of eager POSB aunties who always appear impatient but are not necessarily in a rush. Fortunately again, my mum was nearby and came down to help me with a call to the teller to get them to settle the deposit instead. Sigh.. Never expected to get into such trouble, it being my first and prolly my most cautious time i'm using the ATM. Oh well... hopefully this wouldn't happen least not anytime soon would be nice.


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