Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lucky Lucky

haha! Haven't been posting for awhile due to the lazy bug. Anyway, my dad finally bought his new watch. (he was eyeing it for over a month!) Its the expensive TIMEX one which manually winds up everytime you wear it. The coolest part about it is this "power meter" which tells you how wound up the spring is. It goes from "L" to "H" which is like the petrol gauge in the car. So interesting eh? My dad decided to buy it partly because the salesperson had good service sense and partly because there was a discount offered. =X Well, my sis and i thought that the watch would be of better use to either me or her, us being pianists. (Just imagine me wearing the watch to play piano) The gauge will never hit "E"!! haha! But then again, it was what my dad wanted so no chance.
Anyway.....we ended up with the watch and 2 chances at a Lucky Draw (it being the Singapore Sale season) which won us a $400+ IPod Video as well! =D ha! Lucky me! Come to think of it, i've never had much of a lucky streak up till now. I've never won any lucky draws, TOTO, 4Ds, bets and even Monopoly games! But on that day, i realise that God still treats everyone fairly in the end =) Hopefully, with my new "toy", NS life will be more tolerable. (5 more months to go!)
Recently, i arranged a new score again. I know its been super long since i last posted up a new song score but anyway,i did this one became i couldn't stand the incongruities in the original one at alphatrance. I'll post mine up soon its called "Anata Ga Ita Mori" from Fate/Stay Night. Dunno how many of u watch that anime but oh well... its a nice song. =D Fellow pianists feel free to download and play.


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