Monday, June 18, 2007

June Life Day

Had my platoon life day today at sentosa's siloso beach with lotsa games and humour. I guess the one thing that must be present for a pleasurable life day is good weather, with puffy clouds to block away the sun. =) Anyway, we played the usual games any idiot would play at the beach, for instance, beach volleyball, frisbee and soccer. Basically, simple games that involve people running around naked and hollering at the top of their voices. Of course we had THE platoon favourite activity too, which was to randomly drag each other into the water even if the intended victim is twice your size. Forget the little injuries like a bruised shoulder, scraped knees or sand in eyes. Who cares about people who get hurt when overall "everyone's" having fun?? Well, that mentality persisted till i nearly drowned after some bugger hooked his arm over my head and used me as a portable floatation device. Wow..."life" day sure is exciting eh?
Anyway, enough on that, i managed to take some nice photos while everyone was high on something other than alcohol. Why do i say that? Its because twits like these two decided to take a landmark photo next to a dustbin... Really speechless...

Ah! This one's a really favourite, partially because someone in my platoon really has buck-teeth haha!

Its kinda like an evil spoof of him or something. =) Oh, well...this pick-up guaranteed safety but looked to have crashed into some trees... kinda ironic...

Well, so that's a rough idea on how events turned out. Quite typical of people with the dreaded NS syndrome eh? ha! 5 more months to endure through....


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