Friday, June 29, 2007

Ahh...What a tiring week. Well, besides the usual stuff we did, my platoon had to get ready all the exercise equipment again. =( Yes.. its another xiong exercise over the next week again and this time, we're going out together with our neighbour platoon. sigh.. No consolation in that though, in the end, us, being more senior, somehow just end up doing more and over our share of the work. bah... i hate how the world uses us free labour twits.
Anyway, aside from that, i finally had my LAST chance driving in my instructor's manual car today. (Its last for a reason) =) Kinda nostalgic, especially when i recall all those times i stupidly stalled the car because my clutch foot was sore. ha! Thanks to u guys who prayed for me & good luck in your driving too.
I updated my BGM again. Its mostly piano solo pieces now because that's all i ever search for to play nowadays. I reworked the score Anata Ga Ita Mori too to include an intro as well as a few fine-tuning tweaks in the melody. I kinda hate the left-hand starting portion but don't have any alternative ideas for it as of yet. Hopefully i can improve it soon. =)


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