Sunday, May 06, 2007


Came back from field camp last Thursday and boy was it exciting. Apart from the usual tracking and shooting part of the exercise, lotsa mishaps happened with the frequent rain and the plethora of potholes lining our roads. Over the span of the 5 days i spent outfield, these were the things that happened. 2 tonner crashes with 1 equipment being damaged, 1 tree fell during a heavy downpour, blocking the road to the cookhouse, 1 tonner got stuck in mud at the deployment site and had to be towed out using a crane, 1 tonner kept stalling on the expressway back to camp and 1 platoon-mate got backpain. (possibly from sitting in a tonner that went through one too many potholes for him to take!) ha!
Somehow these few days at the start of May have been rather ominous not just to us but also to units elsewhere. An example was that on the way back, we saw a total of 3 military vehicles & an ambulance being towed back from i dunno what. The number of accidents was just crazy...
Miraculously, no one got severely injured throughout the whole unfortunate episode of disasters which is prolly something to thank God for. Hope that the weather will improve by the time my next exercise comes. It'll really be disasterous if someone goes "opps" during a live-firing exercise and something blows up. Nah... don't want any of that to happen now would we?
Lastly, does anyone know a good place to book a badminton court around City/East side? I'm a nitwit past my area. ha!


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