Thursday, April 19, 2007

Similar Books??

I'm a Terry Goodkind fan and so i was realyl surprised to see that Ian Irvine's series of books had starkingly similar titles to the ones i was reading from Terry!! haha!! They're both fantasy stories too!! Wonder if the stories are similar too but haven't gotten down to buying Ian's books. Currently reading Forgotten Realms series anyway...
In case you can't tell... Terry Goodkind's 2 books are "Stone of Tears" & "Faith of the Fallen" while Ian Irvine's series is called "Song of the Tears" which has a 1st book "Fate of the Fallen" lol....

I spent my leave watching Code Geass. Its prolly the first anime i found that has a main character who wants to take over the world!! (and is portrayed a lunatically sinister about it) Quite a fresh plot rather than the common altruistic heroes you see on most any other show.


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