Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sarah Chang

Went to Borders on Saturday to look for books but ended up wandering to the music cd section and i couldn't believe what i saw! I know this is abit off but I really REALLY thought our dear classmate Sarah started an album! The violinist Sarah Chang really looks like Sarah Cheng!! haha!! I can just imagine Sarah going into concerts and performances in future too!!
Haven't blogged for a long time and its prolly because i felt down from failing my driving & missing my IPPT gold timing. (Somehow i managed a 9.48 timing which was like... 3 seconds from gold...zzz) Anyway, said that i'd take some photos from my new cam so here's the first few. As you can see....its not very good at taking through plastic. Quite disappointed that there's so much reflection on the photo despite my painstaking efforts to shield direct light from the cd cover when i took the photo. Oh well... at least it still focuses properly. One of these days i'll prolly go seek photography lessons from Daryl. ha! Then maybe i'd be able to take good photos.
Btw, this tuesday is my dad's birthday & Friday is Yun xin's birthday and next thursday is Alan's birthday. Something like that lah... I sorta memorised April's babies because i am one of them!! whee!! And i'd be able to get free off on that day!! double yay!! Well.. Year 1 is ending for Uni already so just hang in there!! Med students, another 5 years to go!! bwahaha..


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