Saturday, April 21, 2007


Finally learnt how to edit a matroseka video enough such that it can be uploaded with its subs onto youtube. haha! Literally took me the whole week with lotsa help from my tech-savvy cuz and to get the appropriate programs to convert the file to avi format, shrink it, hard-code the subs into it and cut it up so that it doesn't exceed the 10min max duration allowed for videos on youtube. (Of course, that wasn't what i initally did, which is why it took so long!)
Went out with friends for lunch today and somehow i wasn't so happy to spend time out of the house even though i've sorta been cloistered indoors for more than a week considering this was my block leave. Sigh... I guess its partly because the thought of having to book in again tmr morning makes me want to spend the remaining time i have left as fruitfully as possible or something... Forget it... i'm just probably self-centered and i feel that i shld do what i want to do when i want to do. Horrible eh?? haha...
I'll be out for a long exercise from after next week on. Oh, and also, early happy birthday jialing! Know you don't read blogs but its for other OG members to find out and sms u something on the day itself. ha! =)


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