Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Camera

Have you ever seen an overhead bridge so jammed with people that you can hardly breathe? Went to the IT Fair at Suntec City yesterday and boy, was it packed! The fair itself spammed 3-4 floors of the convention centre there with companies ranging from IT Savvy Sony to the totally out-of-place Osim. (I still dunno why they decided to sell massage chairs there...) Anyway, we went there because our old cameras were causing us so much trouble and also because we wanted to see my cousin, Victor, who somehow landed a job there for a measly paycheck. >.<
After an hour of trying to squeeze through human meat shields, we finally reached the Olympus booth. It was quite fast from there since my sis had already researched for us which camera to buy. Well, of course we decided to try out the features on the display set but it was more fiddle and twiddle than actually testing the camera because cameras nowadays weren't made for dinosaurs.
To cut a long stroy short (i have to go back to camp in 20 mins) we finally settled on a weird Olympus model which was all-weather capable but can't handle underwater shoots and a Canon IXUS 75 which i chose for a multitude of features i can't type in 20 mins alone. (it looks like Goei's camera i think!) ha!
From the crowd i saw, i guess it really does pay to know what you're looking for at an IT Fair. We could've started wandering from Nikon,FujiFlim,Canon,Ranger and whatever other camera company booth for an entire day without ever finding what we want. Anyway, hopefully i can find some nice scenes to take for future entries.....prolly will help liven my floundering blog. =) Till next week! whee.... (38 weeks of NS left)


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