Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Car, The Airwave

Hey!! Sorry that i haven't blogged for some time. I was just plain lazy again and procrastinating because i wanted to get my photos uploaded for the blog posts that i'm currently typing. *ahem* Anyway, its good riddance to the old Toyota Lite Ace and a very wonderful new year for the Airwave!! Yes! My dad finally got a new car so don't expect to see the white "mini bus" in school anymore! =) Btw, backdate this post to the 14th. My Dad went out with my Mum on Valentine's Night to do...............you know............ collect the car?? (and what were you thinking??) Not really sure how much he paid but the car's full of gadgets not unlike those in good-old James Bond movies. For one, there's a stylish retractable sun/moon-roof, complete with homely birdshit murals on the glass after the first day home. Then there's this cool panel that displays everything from movies to radio stations to rearview camera during reverse but without a single poke on how to use it. The nice part about it though is how the display can actually move to reveal a secret compartment behind which houses the CD or SD card its playing from. Looks super high-tech though i wonder how long the mechanism will last with no-brainers like me and my sister ard. ha! Here are some photos of the panels in question. =) The car also has a weird 7 gear system which i feel is a stark example of how lousy this car is. After all,, other cars make do with 5, why does this one need 7? O_o Overall, the car seems very smooth and easy to drive. It'll prolly be an incentive to pass my driving sooner (if i could). ha! As for now, i guess i'll be content to sit in the back seat, smell the reminents of headache-inducing toluene from the fresh leather (its not called the Airwave for nothing...damn stinky) and count down to my ORD. Sigh.. why is ORD so near yet so far?? =(


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