Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lunar New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all!! I wonder how much you all got in ang pao money. haha! Haven't checked my ones yet but my sis says that the amounts are really weird this year. (she usually gets the same as me) Anyway, as with almost all previous new years, we (over-) bought a monumental panoply of new year goodies for idunnowhatreason because we also go through the trouble, or rather, sadistic excitement, of stuffing would-be visitors with a plethora of home-cooked food too. Here's a pic of the hoard of new year snacks we bought!!

I'm starting to find the New Year tradition a bit awkward. According to what my dad says, the correct custom is in "visiting". As in, its not enough that you visited so-and-so and exhanged wishes & oranges among other things.That so-and-so should, by right, come over and visit you at your messy place too. That ensures that the correct formal greetings are exchanged in the correct atmostsphere or something. To me? I think the extensive visitings are to fill up the boredom of 15 days of public holidays some other places have for the new year and also as a clever excuse to force lazy youngsters like me to clean the house for a change.

Speaking of cleaning, i was completely shagged out last saturday trying (actually coerced) to do some last minute spring cleaning. Dunno how my grandmother did it but she outlasted me that day, watching TV in her room when i've already hit the sheets, falling sound asleep. Bah...sheepish about it but oh well.....

Here are some pics of the reunion lunch we had on New Year eve plus a special shot on the loh hei that became table tapesry after we were through with it. =p

Hope you all had a great start to the New Year too. =) Cheers!!


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