Saturday, January 06, 2007

Parade ~Fin~

"Welcome to the ADOC Inauguration Parade. What you have just witnessed was the transformation of the 4 marching contingents into the letters A.D.O.C, representing Air Defence & Operations Command. This...blah....robust...blah....dynamism...blah.... unity....efficiency.... "
Well, finally, after a month of exasperating rehersals, the parade is finally over!! haha! Say goodbye to sweat-soaked, migraine-inducing peakcaps!! Say goodbye to lead-weight rifles with lasers that don't even work! Say goodbye to sticky glamour gowns & thin satin pants!! ha! Guess the only thing i liked about the uniform set was the clackity boots! So fun! Someone could turn into a professional tap-dancer just by wearing them. They're shiny and slippery on cement floors, which means that you could basically do moonwalks and breakdancing easily in them. haha!
Anyway, the parade lasted about an hour, but then again, it was not that it was a complicated one to start with. We waited super long for the 4 dignataries to arrive. bah... think it took at least 20-25mins before w egot to move again from our stationary positions. By then, one of my friends had a migraine, another had pins & needles in his left foot. ha! It was a wonder how he managed to move or better, do the march pass, which was our finale for the event. I was a tad disappointed that the media decided not to show our amateurish drill standards to the world though. =( I expected at least a sweep over the ceremony but all they showed was Mr Teo Chee Hean's face and the new logo...
Oh btw, Happy New Year!!! I just realised that this is my first post in 2007! haha! Quite an exciting year, or so i'm told. For my side, its NDP participation and live-firing to die for. (just kidding) For my sis, its her last term and prolly start of her masters, if she chooses to take it up. Oh, if i haven't told you, that idiot of a SISter got A+ for everything she took! What kind of result is that! wah lau... Guess i'll do what brothers do best to congratulate her..... Go annoy her! bwahaha....
You all can go congratulate her at or just use the shortcut at my links section. =)


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