Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gathering & the SPF

Just came back from my parent's new year junior college (or was it uni) gathering at sentosa. Actually, this would have nothing to do with me had the organisers not decided to ask everyone to bring their kids along... We went to one of those obscure golfing clubs there to have dinner. The adults sat at one table, happily catching up with the times while we,unfortunate children, sat at another like strangers at a posh restaurant.
NS had never been a better way to start a topic! Apparently, my father's friend's son was in the same batch of recruits as me and also one lucky enough to be transferred to the SPF (S'pore Police Force) immediately after BMT. ha! That gave me some common ground to break the ice on and besides, the stories he had about everyday occurances was interesting. He's a police officer now and handles lots of bizzare cases when the public calls in. Some of the stranger things i learnt was the idiosyncrasies of the different racial groups when confronted by the police.
Lets use the situation of a fist-fight.
For the Chinese, at the first sound they hear of a police car coming while in a fight, all the members involved will break up and dash for cover.
For the Malays, the fight will only stop when a larger group of police 3-4 cars.
While for the Indians, they will continue brawling like caged lions no matter how many police arrive at the scene.
I guess that's why it seems that more malays and indians commit crimes than the chinese. ha! Chinese know how to hide. =) Anyway, this was just an observation on his part... dunn oif its actually true. haha!!!
Oh, one weird case he mentioned was about this molest case where the victim actually offered to reenact the scene for the police to see! haha! It became more embarrassing when they found out that the victim was a friend of one of the officers there! =X
Another case was about this loanshark who sent a runner to vandalise the house of a debtor. You know those "O$P$" signs using red paint. ya... Anyway, the runner did it....on the wrong house!! When the loanshark found out, he felt so guilty that he went to clean up the mess himself.......just when the police got called to the scene. 5 minutes later, the police came and arrested the loanshark. haha! I think the runner got away, which made it even more hilarious...
Oh, and the SPF ppl use pistols for range! And the range target is only about 20m away as compared to the 100m for our rifle range. So unfair! =(
I guess the gathering wasn't so bad after and my sis made new friends, friends we prolly won't see again till the next year, but friends nonetheless... Oh, Lastly, I decided to change the songs on the blog just for entertainment sake. =) Go browse through them when you have the time. Hmm... gtg now.... Sigh.... still got guard duty tmr. Hope for a fast week and quick ORD! hee!!


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