Monday, January 22, 2007

Borders...what a bother....

Ooo....its so frustrating!! I was supposed to go buy a book from borders after my seemingly unproductive driving lesson this morning but after plodding through smelly crowds all the way there, i realised that the book was out of stock! =( Sigh... what made it worse was that the lousy assistants there didn't even know whether the book was around or not and kept asking me to wait while they searched through shelves i already scrutinized through for a past hour. I mean like...hello.... i may be myopic but i still can see books on a bookshelf ya?? =( I was hoping to be able to buy the book today because my mum had an online discoutn voucher which gave a massive 40% discount! *gasp* It expires on the 25th and i heard that the book will only be in stock next weekend. (that's the 27th) There are also NO OTHER borders bookstores in Singapore which, well, adds to my considerable misery.
Anyway, you know those old blizzard games like starcraft & Diablo? ha! My platoon mates recently started playing those games again to curb a deadly NS disease called boredom. Then again, when it really comes to a time to play games with friends, there aren't many which you could call good and lesser still for those which you could call free. Most of those epic MMORPGs like WoW, RO and what-not dungeons,dragons,etc require users to pay a monthly subcription fee to play the game while LAN games require originals. Not a very wise idea for a group of gamers like my mates, who'll prolly game-hop every week or so. ha! As for myself, i'm glad that i have other hobbies other than gaming. (piano, reading, etc...) It somehow reassures myself that at least, i engage in some more productive activities... ha!
Oh, i finally managed to watch Death Note II. It was.....intriguing! The ending managed to wrap up the story with the disposal of all the death notes, which ultimately returned life to normal again. Only part that didn't really fit was that misa (the cute TV girl) got away scot free despite her killing of so many people using the death note. I found the portrayal of her room weird too.... My sis was talking about blood red bedcovers while i picked on a plethora of dishevelled gothic-lollita-type dolls either in cases or otherwise, strewn about the room. Too scary to live in to my thinking. =/ Overall, the show was good though. And L won the game after all.. .haha! =X


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