Sunday, December 31, 2006

Songs Galore!

Gosh.... i'm addicted to bridge!! Ended up playing it at almost every family gathering for the new year.ha! Turns out that i hardly get to interact with anyone because of that but somehow i don't care... bridge is fun and i'm getting quite annoyed explaining to everyone that i'm in army now and have no life at the moment. Yup...
Recently, i really got into the music craze... Went on a frenzy sourcing for new songs & scores just to broaden my super limited piano repetoire of only FF & some other ceremonial pieces. So anyway, i scoured josh's anime music collection as well as gendou to find a few of the nicer songs that i cannot paste here coz of site property infringment. =( But anyway, go find these...
For scores,
1) Dust Trail from Soul Link
2) Yuuki no Tsubasa from Memories Off
3) Omokage from Shaman King (Jazz)
4) Spirited Away songs!!
For songs, i only got an idea from the cut versions of the songs in the anime openings or endings itself but these are ok.... Pastel Pure & Sonata Blue from Maria ga Miteru (Classy pieces), Chiisana Hane Hirogete & Negai from Ah! My Goddess (Country-type, Irish) & lastly, Falco from Law of Ueki.
Dunno how long will i go on searching for songs but it seems that i'm finally moving out of the FF series of music. Don't see much point staying with FF songs anyway since the main composer, Nobuo Uematsu, left already. =( sigh... I wish that i can compose songs just 1/2 as good as his.... haha....
Oh, before i forget!!! Happy New Year!! Today's the LAST day of 2006 already!! so cool! Its been a fast and not-so-memorable year but still great because its passing now means that i only have 1 more year of NS left to serve!! hehe!! Really looking forward to collecting my pink IC again and laughing at my poor cousins and my juniors!!! bwahaha!!! then again, maybe i won't be "that" bad and symphatize with them after all....


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