Monday, December 25, 2006

Family Christmas Party

Gosh... finally its over!! I never knew that planning/running a party was so exhausting! Somehow it felt like i started working since i woke up and never ended till the wee hours of the night when my nightmares of piles of dirty dishes to wash and a plethora of leftover food to clean up stopped. =( I guess that now i'm starting to understand why nobody would overtly offer his or her house for the class christmas party tmr. ha! (i guess that explains why noone here wants to be a maid either!)
Anyway, besides christmas, we celebrated my grandfather's birthday with a D24 durian birthday cake too! ha! Think he's turning 80+ this year already but he's still super corny and does weird things once in a while like playing with charcoal for the barbeque! haha.... Here are a few more pics... Yup, we had the party at my place and we didn't really clean up the house so therefore, i tried to disguise the mess by taking close up shots. =) This one's of my sis and my cousin, Lina. Didn't know when i took it but yeah... my sis got pranked!

This is of my uncle and my other cousin. Guess you can tell that he's in army too by his hair or rather, the lack of it. hee!! Sure does remind us of old days eh??

Oh well..... Since this is Christmas, Hope you all enjoy yourselves today! For those who have been lazy like couch potatoes....go sms all your best wishes NOW!! bah... What's christmas without the well-wishes, smiles and all?? *grumble* Anyway, have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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