Saturday, December 02, 2006


Hey!!! Eragon the movie is coming out!! haha!! So happens that i managed to read the series because my bunkmate brought it to camp. =) Its quite an ok story with some twists. Not as immense as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (that eccentric guy is nuts) but still deep enough to show up the different languages of the different races. Oh, if you didn't know yet, the story is about this young boy who chanced upon a dragon egg while out on a hunt. Surprisingly it hatches for him and he goes on to find out more about the ancient dragon riders & the current state of the world, finally realising that he, prolly as the last rider, will hold the key to ensuring the unity & survival of the different races in their world, Alagesia. =) If you ever get the chance, go read it.
Heard of a class outing soon... =p ha! Hopefully i can make it this time! Haven't able to for the past 3-4 gatherings. btw, i'm wondering, has everyone bought their christmas presents?? I haven't thought of anything about it so far... =( (this is one great way to say "don't expect anything from me", isn't it?? haha!) Well.. .do keep up the christmas spirit and especially the reason why christmas is being celebrated!! The birth of our beloved Christ, Jesus!! =p That reminds me... nich!! Your birthday is coming!! haha!! Still can remember how you weren't allowed to go clubbing because of your age last year! ha! =X cheers man!


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