Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Cage & Parallel Parking

Had my platoon LIFE day today. Its something like a day we take off work bi-monthly in order to relax and have fun together. However, due to the tight december schedule and the work that needed to be done in camp, we only managed to have the afternoon off to ourselves. =( Though most of us were tired, we were obliged to visit The Cage in Kallang. ha! At first glance, the place was like nothing more than delapidated red old shop-houses in a fenced compound.. Think that impression was due to the perennial rain because the atmosphere completely brightened up when we entered to see a netted street soccer court, complete with bouncy rubber carpeting! Wish i could show some pics on it but i went straight from camp. (and in camp, cameras are a no no no...) It was fun playing soccer there, especially since you can't really get hurt from falling because of the carpeting, nor get knocked out by accidently running into one of those cushioned walls there. I think the most dangerous thing there was prolly either the whizzing ball or a loose ankle. =/ Hmm.. despite all the bells and whistles, i don't think anyone would wanna play there because THE BOOKING COST IS A CRAZY $50/HR!!! O_o i'm stil lthinking about why we decided to play there when we could've had a happier game, with fuller wallets, at a regular field in a sanguine park. bah...

Anyway, nothing much else except that i started learning parallel parking!!! woohoo!! seems that i'll soon be ready for my not so soon driving test! =D And oh... I realised that parallel parking really feels like playing arcade! (you know those daytona games??) You have to do so many things with the clutch and brake and that's on top of peering 360ยบ to ensure that you don't hit anything. haha.. my instructor took me to a dead-end road to practice, using 4 poles which he magically materialised. =/ At first, i had a hard time maneuvering because my instructor just gave me a basic set of rules to follow, after which, he stepped out of the car.....and started wiping it with a cloth whilse gesturing for me to practice!!!! haha!! weird instructors... Anyway, i got the hang of it after awhile but when i tried the same tricks on my dad's car later, i ended up either too far from the curb or too close to it. O_o bah... luckily i didn't bang anything though... haha..
Oh, just today, i sat in a taxi and saw him over-gear an under-powered engine, turn without signals & stall the car at a junction. Now, how's that for cheering up your morale after a hard day's practice at driving, eh??

Answers to the chess puzzle!!!
(1st one: 1.Kf1 if 1.... Kxg4 if 1.... Kh2
. 2. Qg5++ 2. Qf4++)

(2nd one: 1.Ba8 if 1.... Kc8/Ke6 if 1.... Ke8
. 2. e8(Q)++ 2. Bc6++)
if you don't understand me answers, ehh.... go learn chess.. haha!! gtg now!! ciao!


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