Monday, November 06, 2006

On Driving

Hey!! Did you know that Akazukin Cha Cha can be found on youtube?? haha!! Used to watch that cute show when i was in primary sch! Then, it was being aired on Cartoon Network or something. =) Watching it again brought back memories (like why on earth did i watch such a girly show) ha! The humour was fun though. I guess you just can't help laughing at cha-cha's make-do attitude with her often wonky skill of magic.
I managed to book a date for my driving practical test!! yay! Its on the 2nd of April '07. Was initially quite shocked to find that that was about the earliest one can get a date for the test when booking privately. Guess it doesn't matter so much though. I'm really still very lousy with the car & the date fortuniously falls before my current PDL expires! =p That'll prolly allow me to maximize my PDL license to improve as much as i can before the test. Hopefully i'l lbe able to clear it on my 1st try.
I've heard debates on whether doing lessons under school or privately is better. Well, not too sure yet but my intuition is like this. Under school, it costs more and you'll need to spare alot more time to take all the lessons before they'll allow you to take the test. However, the test dates you can get are in the more immediate future. That goes for retests too, if you failed your 1st try. As for private, it is usuallly cheaper (unless you're a complete idiot at driving) and the lessons progress faster. Thus not as much time is needed except if you need more time to practice being comfortable with the vehicle. However, the test dates you can get are like 6 months later at the earliest. You'll practically die waiting for it. ha! One more advantage though is that you get to drive your instructor's car for the test course. Dunno if that's true but its a real advantage if your instructor has a new car with good pedals and brakes. (like mine..hehe..) =D
That's my take on that. Oh btw, heard that private offers two type of lesson plans too. One is a set amount (ard $1.5k - 2.5k) to teach you till you pass or paying per lesson. Guess the amount doesn't really matter so long as its not flagrantly excessive and that you pass in the end... haha... Ooooo... how i wish i've passed already!!!


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