Saturday, November 18, 2006

Blog blog...

Haven't blogged in a week! Anyway, our whole unit had to return to camp this weekend. =( Something about some constant miscounting of important items or something. Our OC apparently got fed up about our lack of thoroughness and procrastination in our searches and so decided to call us all back on a Sat morn just to settle it. Sigh.. Even seems that not eveything was accounted for and we found lotsa trash and useless things hidden among the stores too... O_o
Finished reading Angel Sanctuary. Well....not to spoil the story but the ending's happy! ha! Hard to find such endings after all the Gainax shows i watched. If you didn't know, Gainax has the most befuddling and anti-climatic endings. Just watch Neon Genesis Evangelion for a perfect example. -_-" Totally horrible.... bah. Anyway, think my fav character in the story was Zaphkiel. He's prolly the only character that remains a true blue protagonist all throughout the story. (ignoring the main character.....duh) Guess the fun thing about the story was the double or triple life almost everyone was having. yup.... deep plot, complicated, but nice.


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