Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yay!! Passed!!

Ha!! Finally passed my final theory test for driving! =) It wasn't as bad as i expected except that the unlucky aura continued to hover around me again. *This time, my only neighbour was some cheerful guy who came 10 mins late & blitz through the questions..... He failed,(of course) like all the other doomed ppl who sat next to me in the basic paper*
Glad that my driving is progressing rather well. ha! So far, i've already had my 3rd driving lesson and i'm on the main road already! =p That actually doesn't mean much though...so all you green-faced ppl out there need not get SO jealous. Being on the main road with so little practice is super stressful sia!! That's to add in the fact that i'm not good with pedals and as expected, stalled the car a plethora of times AGAIN! >.< But anyway, guess i'm progressing....still progressing.. haha!!!

I'm already again, thanks to my many well-wishers & the sadistic doc. =p *ahem* and the set the record straight for people (*ahem* tatt *ahem*) who spelt "diarrhea" till i couldn't recognize the word anymore, its spelt as "D.I.A.R.R.H.E.A". heh.... Realised that i've been spelling it as "diarrhoa" which is wrong too but prolly much better than what "diarrorea??" haha!! Anyway, nah.... the salt and glucose mix is to replenish what was lost in your body. Lotsa nutrients & salts, together with all the toxic elements are being forced out of your body through your stools. That's why you have diarrhea. Diarrhea stops naturally when most, if not all the toxic has been purged. =D Thanks anyway, tatt!! hee!!! *triumphant grin*


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