Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tagboard up again

Went to look for a new tagboard over the weekend. Come up with this Cbox one or something.... Looks kinda queer on the blog but no matter haha... Anyway, Started my driving lessons on Monday and boy was it stressful! ha! The accelerator and clutch pedals were so sensitive and i ended up jerking the car forward so many times because of uneven pressure on the pedals. That's in addition to stalling the car a plethora of times because i just released the clutch immediately. (you're supposed to release it gently and hold at the 1/2 clutch point for a while....i forgot -_-")
Thankfully the uncle was super kind. Reminded me on everything i needed to do each time i messed up *That's nearly everytime i tried to move the car!!* Anyway, learnt to do turns, braking, starting the car and changing gears today. Quite a handful for a first lesson. ha! Think that on a number of occasions, i didn't even step on the accelerator while performing the maneuvours. ha! The car just moved on its own!! =X
btw, tag on my board!! Fil lit up again!! I hope this other one won't have bugs which make it crash or something.. .just thinking of the previous one makes me mad...bah....


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