Monday, October 09, 2006

Sick sick sick.....

Yay!! I passed my BTT test!! Can apply for PDL and learn driving already!! haha!!
Not feeling very well recently. Dunno whether it has to do with the haze or not but i fell ill with diarrhoa on Friday. Not a very good way to end the week ya?? Think it got esp bad because i was on guard duty that day too. (had a slight fever to go with it... =/) Thankfully, after taking some medication ytd, my diarrhoa finally stopped. Bad thing is, i think i'm gg get constipation. bah... dunno what tricks my alimentary system is trying to pull. Come to think of it, diarrhoa seems to be one of the most frustrating diseases one can get. You can't eat well, (because everything just comes out anyway) you can't sleep well because you need to answer nature's call every 10-20 minutes and you end up feeling like the thing you're passing out. Glad that's over with. Anyway, I'll be going for OCT's exercise right after this entry so wish me luck....that i don't get a relapse of another bout of diarrhoa outfield!!! =X ahhhhh!!!!


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