Saturday, October 28, 2006


Actually, i was supposed to help out in range for the rest of my platoonmates over the weekend. Had to do some score tallying for them but i ended up with a very painful tummy crap plus diarrhoa earlier on friday night. Visited the doc who diagnosed it as what "gastro endolphalitis" or something... or in simple, layman's terms, a tummy ache. =/ He said that it could be caused by something foul that i ate or a malevolent virus roaming about that somehow preferred me as a spawning ground rather than all those kind folks around me....
Anyway, since i was cringing in pain rather badly already, doc decided it wouldn't do much more harm to check whether i had appendicitis too. That "check" involved more pressing and kneading on and around my already tender tummy which prolly served me right for having a sore tummy in the first place. He asked me about nausea too but i didn't have none of that so i just replied that i had watery stools. He didn't seem pretty interested about the diarrhoa part other than the fact that i had it... O_o Well, guess that's the fate of most stools..... getting left behind.... getting "plooped" out of the picture into a swirling aphotic cesspool never to be seen upon by noble eyes in the light of day again....
Fortunately, all ended quite well thanks to the medication doc prescribed... (Some variant of charcoal tablet, dharcopal pills *heard its a relaxant used during pregnancy period* >.< , and a stomach acid inhibitor) The pain's gone for now but the stupid diarrhoa still persists... sigh... Dunno exactly what went wrong for me to suffer as such so suddenly. I have suspicions about it being connected to a similar incident that happened to me 3 weeks back where late nights & a plate of sambal fried rice basically set my plumbing afire. Bah.. I need a new alimentary system.... =(


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