Monday, October 02, 2006

October already!!??

I can't believe this!!! I missed marksmanship by so much!! ahh!!! Wasn't totally my fault though... I was making good shots during the day shot till the 3rd mag or so when the bullets just refused to feed into the rifle. =( Turned out to be a rather faulty magazine AND THEY WOULDN'T LET ME RESHOOT! =( The mag after that also cocked up so i ended off with 5 shots missed due to it. =( boohoohoo... I guess i'll have to depend on better luck next time.. sigh...
Anyway, sent Jish off to UK last friday. It was kinda of a bittersweet event where we tried to make her farewell a happy one and yet, at the same time, feel sad that another scone was leaving. Heard others, esp the guys, will be leaving for overseas studies too in the years to come. As for myself?? ha! Not very sure but i think i would rather study locally. =) Not that i've anythign against overseas studies but i guess i'll miss home too much when i'm overseas. (aww... haha) I'm a very family-and-friend kinda guy ya?
There's something wrong with my cooking already... bah... .can't seem to get the recipes in the right proportions. Last week i ended up with super-dry muffins and this week?? I got crater-skin muffins! ahhh!!! (If you're wondering why i'm making muffins again, psst.. Mrs Soong's not very happy that i forgot to share my muffins with her during JC...) =X Hopefully i'll be able to make good ones to give soon!!! haha!!! Btw, heard that Wei Ming can now bake delicious oreo cheesecake so if you want something of that sort, go find him!! ha!


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